Dec 30, 2012


Suddenly,,while blogwalking,,I have got an idea,,
I want to decorate my room,,,to change the layout … Like this,,

But I will make some change,,not exactly like this
First thing,,, color, ,what color I want to choose,,
I think coklat,,,

Then move on the bed,,,,I want find like this,
two in one,,it have other bed,,n have cute storage box,,

so i can save more space,,
Wardrobre..I think,, I can I want to have cupboard that have 4 door,,,^_^
Then a mirror,,,
N lastly …I want simple decoration,,,

1)    Paint,,
2)   Bedroom,
3)    Wardrobe
4)    Cupboard
5)    Mirror
6)    Carpet...some small pillow
7)   Langsir,I think want to change to ,,??still thinking
8)   Small table..still in thinking,,wheter I need it or not

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