Apr 19, 2015

When I’m The Only Single Friend Left

I don’t know when or when it happened, but one day i woke up and realized I’m the last one...that it...It just me. I’m in this alone.

Slowly but surely, my closest friends dropped like it was hot, one by one, until i became the last single girl standing...
Its not I’m not happy for all of the Couples out there-i am. But I’m not writing this to play nice n stay neutral to both side. I’m writing to say that
Being the only one in ur group of friends fucking sucks...

Being social with friend is not same like have a boyfriends. At the end of each night, they’re going home to their partner. Even if they don’t live together, they’re going home to call them or text them or sleep easy knowing they have them. The mindset of staying out just to stay out isn’t one they can fully grasp any longer. So, because of this, you’ll be practically forced into “branching out.” You’ll try with every fighting effort to “put yourself out there”

Why i’m still alone will remain a mystery to me. Some days, i’ll be super positive about it, knowing with every fiber of your being that it’s going to happen for you. It’s just a matter of time. “You’re a late bloomer,” one friend will say and you’ll whole-heartedly agree. But other days, they’re all full of shit and are clearly not telling you what’s wrong with you. You can’t imagine how the hell anyone actually gets together, and you can’t foresee any possibility in which you would be coupled up. Ever.

But then you have one, maybe two, great dates with a new prospect.n against every natural inclination, you allow urself to get excited. U feel hopeful.rejuvenated. Perhaps on ur ways to something great. And for that moment however long it may be being the only single friend and having to have dated around for so long isn’t so bad. At least you’ve got stories for days.

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