Dec 24, 2011

I LOVE U..^ _ ^..

First of all I want to say,,
sori again,,,coz dh lme x update with my life as student with assgment,,presentation n test,,,
Now im free,,,today is my lass class as a degree student,,,,just left final exam that I must sit on 04.01.2012..
Terasa macam dah nak grad. But it is the truth cos today practically will be the last day for me to sit on a chair and listens to my lecturer. I will be missing the class environment… mst ak rindu kat my classmate BBHR5C... rindu suasana kelas kt KBM yg mcm korea tu...
No more classes,,,I will move in the world of interneship..oh no!!!

Things that still wondering in my mind
“ nk smbung  master ke x…ati kte nk,,tpi tkut x terbwak,,,what ur opinion???”
 Lasly,,,kat bwah,,,some of pic,,
Yg kiteowg candid,,,within last week,,in KBM